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Terramote 351 - Logo

quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

Meeting Porto “Side B” - the Porto behind the frontage, 25th of September of 2015 Circuit 3 – “B of Vitória”

Meeting Porto “Side B” - the Porto behind the frontage
Eco-Social International Tours guided by the project Terramote351
25th of September of 2015 Circuit 3 – “B of Vitória”

Terramote351” – Meeting Porto “Side B”, the real Porto
Meeting Porto “Side B” (International Eco-Social Tours) is a project inside the Terramote351 Project that aims to guide foreigner visitors or inhabitants through the less well known side of Porto, Porto side B. Therefore it´s not a conventional touristic tour. It´s a tour focusing on social, ecological, cultural aspects, in spite of the fact that history is always a very relevant element.
Discovering the past, roaming the present and dreaming the future are proposals contained in this walk by some of the hidden or forgotten treasures from Porto city. Old rural farms, old nobel houses, city gardens, sublime panoramic views… and a lot, lot more. Above all, a Tour that for sure will surprise you at each step.

Terramote351 – Intervention and Eco-Social Tours
Terramote351 is a pioneer project, arising from Porto city, and it exists to develop the principals and values of Eco-Social tourism.

Always with the purpose to aware people to the local realities throughout Eco-Social Tours with historical, cultural and, above all, Eco-social relevance.
The tours work in an informal and familiar way. At the tours people interact and share: Them experiences, knowledge and visions.
They also are discovery and adventure tours, where secrets of the urban and rural spaces are unraveled with all their…plainness.

Terramote351 International Eco-Social Tours – Meeting Porto “Side B”
Friday, 25th of September, Circuit 3 – “B of Vitória” (around Vitória with the stories of the Jewish, S.Roque, traditional trade markets and much, much more)

Meeting point: In “Praça dos Leões” (Lions Square) (official name Praça Gomes Teixeira, very near Clérigos Tower and “Lello Library”):

Important information about the trips:
Difficulty rate: accessible
Time: 2h30
Logistics: take comfortable clothing adaptable to the climate circumstances of the day.
Participation fee: with the amount that you feel “Fair” in the end of the circuit (open contribution, minimum suggested 5,00)
Registrations: maximum of 12 participants (it will be an activity with a reduced number of participants) and the places will be taken when the registrations are done with confirmation.
Other Reservations: It´s possible, if booked in advanced, to book private Eco-Social Tour with Terramote351 Project. Contact us!

How to apply:
Book your tour sending your personal information to:

or by mobile phone:
(+351) 93 447 6236 (Pedro JP)

or in Casa da Horta

facebook event: ...

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Terramote351 - Intervention and Eco-Social Tours

Note: Terramote351 is a project with a really informal and personal nature, so it’s an activity that it is not covered by any type of insurance, the participants are responsible for anything that happens, or, depending on the perspective, the destiny is… ;O) The contribution is destined to support the various organization costs and to support the Terramote351 - Intervention and Eco-Social Tours project development.
Spread the word: we appreciate all the possible and positive (of course) share of our project trough your contacts, it´s our most precious way of “publicity”, Muito obrigado ;O)

Partnership and support:

NGO´s and Cool Spots in Porto:

Casa da Horta – Associação CulturalWeb: http://www.casadahorta.pegada.net/

Accomodation and Alternative Tourism:

Portugal Green StaysWeb: www.greenstays.pt facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenStays

Rotas Solidárias / Solidarity Routes (InComunidade)Web: www.rotassolidarias.org

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