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quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

Eco-Social Tour, BAC - Bairro das Artes Circuit, 18th of January

Oporto of Encounters – Bairro das Artes Circuit

Eco-Social tours in January guided by the Porto de Encontros project – Reflection and eco-socials tours in partnership with Terra na Boca – Cultural Association, and inserted in the “Bairro das Artes” project

January 18th, Friday (in Portuguese and/or in English)
(Time: 2h30)

Eco-Social tour scheduled for January within the “Bairro das Artes” Project, promoted by Terra na Boca Cultural Association:

January 18th, Friday, at 10h15 (in Portuguese or/and in English)
Registrations until: January 17th, Thursday

Note: Depending on the availability of the guide it’s possible to scheduale another dates for the tours.

Bairro das Artes circuit, Romântico and Massarelos

Almost everyone knows that the Cristal Palace is one of the main references in Porto city. “Bairro das Artes” is a neighborhood connected to a new rehabilitation movement and urban dynamic marked by new tendencies, movements and artistic expressions. What possibly few will know is “the secrets” that are hidden just a few steps from this new dynamic and urban center.
Discovering the past, roaming the present and dreaming the future are proposals contained in this walk by some of the hidden or forgotten treasures from Porto city. Old rural farms, city gardens, sublime panoramic views… all of this close to be one of the most crowded centers of this city.

Eco-Social tour – Information

Meeting point: in front of Quintal BioShop, at Rosário street
Difficulty rate: accessible
Time: 2h30
Logistics: take comfortable clothing adaptable to the climate circumstances of the proper day.
Contribution: 5 portinhos - individual
4 portinhos – from 3 or more participants or to Bairro das Artes members
Registrations: maximum of 10 participants (it will be an activity with a reduced number of participants) and the places will be taken when the registrations are done with confirmation.

How to apply:
Send your personal information to:

Organization: Porto de Encontros and Terra na Boca

Note: the Porto de Encontros project, is a project with a really informal and personal nature, and it is still defining itself, so it’s an activity that it is not covered by any type of insurance, the participants are responsible for anything that happens, or, depending on the perspective, the destiny is… ;O)
The contribution is destined to support the various organization costs and to support the Porto de Encontros – reflection and Eco-Socials tours project development.

– More information

Porto de Encontros - Pedro Jorge Pereira
(+351) 93 4476236

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