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quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2012

(re)encountering Porto – Around Sé District, August 25th, Saturday, at 3pm

(re)encountering Porto – Around Sé District
Eco-Social Tour guided by the project “Porto de Encontros” – “Oporto of Encounters” with the support of Bar do Mundo – Casa das Associações
August 25th, Saturday, at 3pm
(Approximated time of the tour: 2h30)

Eco-social tours

A city (or even a region) is much more than a "stylized" set of images or "touristic postcards".
It is a whole story, a whole essence, a whole breathing you can feel in every place, on every face, in every corner.
It is much more than a mere conventional and conventionalized vision - which is so many times stereotyped - of what Oporto is... "Porto de Encontros" intents to give the opportunity to know and think, to feel and smell the city in all its multiple dimensions: cultural, social and ecological.
The main goal of these eco-social tours is to present Oporto, or "the several Oportos" that make Oporto, in all its depth, reality and essence, without the filter of the "conventional tourism" or the "deceptive images".
Apart from the façades, postcards and even the usual places, Oporto is the port of all secrets, mysteries and encounters.

Eco-social tour - how it works

The Eco-social Tour works in an informal, familiar way and it is not a conventional touristic visit as it is usually known. There is a high level of proximity between the tourist guide and the group, thus the aim is to interact and share. It is a share of experiences, knowledge and visions about Oporto and all its complexities.
From an eco-social point of view, there will be discussed several questions and subjects connected to the history and current affairs of the city.

(Re)encountering Porto”

The main idea of “(Re)encountering Porto” is to do, monthly, a discovery tour to a specific part of Porto. The idea is to make various incursions in group and overall discover or (re)discover Porto. (what doesn’t mean that the incursions could not be made in locals out of Porto).

Program “(Re)encountering Porto” – around Sé district

Millions of lines have already been written about Porto city and its history. But more than just read stories, what we pretend is to look for traces of the Porto that hides in the lost memory of the city. Look for traces at places, on the streets, on the people’s conversations and at the toponymy. It’s the search for memories but also for visions about the actual reality of Porto. In its several dimensions - social, economic, ecologic - that so easily escapes from us or about so many times we truly reflect on.

In this edition of “(Re)encountering Porto” we’re going to the “starting point” of Porto, where are some of the older traces of the city and to the epicenter from where the city started to expand and started to state itself as Porto.
We will also roam some of the more characteristic streets of the Sé district.

Porto de Encontros - “(re)countering Porto” – Around Sé District

Eco-Social Tour of the 25th of August, Saturday, 3 pm
Meeting point: In front of Bar do Mundo – Casa das Associações, in Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, nº234-238, around 250 meters from S.Bento Train Station. (going from S.Bento to Ribeira it´s on the left side, after the big fountain).
Arrival point: Bar do Mundo - Casa das Associações
Level: Easy
Duration: approximately 2h30 – 3h00
Logistic: Take comfortable clothing adapted to the weather conditions of the day.
Contribution: 5,55 portinhos
Registrations until: August 23th 2012, Thursday
Registrations: Limited (it will be an activity with a reduced number of participants) and the places will be taken to the firsts registrations with confirmations. 

How to register: Send your personal information to the e-mail:
Confirmation: Because we will be away from the 20th till the 23th all the inscriptions will be confirmed before the 20th or on the 23th and 24th.

Organization: Porto de Encontros
Support: Bar do Mundo – Casa das Associações

Note: the Porto de Encontros project, is a project with a really informal and personal nature, and it is still defining itself, so it’s an activity that it is not covered by any type of insurance, the participants are responsible for anything that happens, or, depending on the perspective, the destiny is… ;O)
The contribution is destined to support the various organization costs and to support the Porto de Encontros – reflection and Eco-Socials tours project development.

More informations and registrations

Porto de Encontros - Pedro Jorge Pereira
(+351) 93 4476236

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