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quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

“Oporto of Encounters” eco-social alternative tours

Eco-social tours

A city (or even a region) is much more than a "stylized" set of images or "touristic postcards".
It is a whole story, a whole essence, a whole breathing you can feel in every place, on every face, in every corner.
It is much more than a mere conventional and conventionalized vision - which is so many times stereotyped - of what Oporto is... "Porto de Encontros" intents to give the opportunity to know and think, to feel and smell the city in all its multiple dimensions: cultural, social and ecological.
The main goal of these eco-social tours is to present Oporto, or "the several Oportos" that make Oporto, in all its depth, reality and essence, without the filter of the "conventional tourism" or the "deceptive images".
Apart from the façades, postcards and even the usual places, Oporto is the port of all secrets, mysteries and encounters.

Eco-social tour - how it works
The Eco-social Tour works in an informal, familiar way and it is not a conventional touristic visit as it is usually known. There is a high level of proximity between the tourist guide and the group, thus the aim is to interact and share. It is a share of experiences, knowledge and visions about Oporto and all its complexities.
From an eco-social point of view, there will be discussed several questions and subjects connected to the history and current affairs of the city.

Eco-social Tour - information

Tour: 7,00 portos
3 or more participants: 6,00 portos
2 Tours: 12 portos

Number of participants

Maximum: 7 people
Minimum: 3 people

Approximate duration: 2,5 hours

Tour 1 – Oporto Medieval Historical Centre A – Sé
Tour 2 – Oporto Medieval Historical Centre B – São Nicolau - Ribeira
Tour 3 – Oporto Medieval Historical Centre C – Miragaia e Vitória – jewish
Tour 4 – Oporto of Western Romanticism – Palácio, Entre Quintas e Massarelos
Tour 5Eastern Oporto– Sto Ildefonso e Bonfim

Tour P – it´s possible to arrange tours different from the ones already defined


Friday morning, 10h00 – 13h00, and Friday afternoon, 15h00 – 18h00, It´s necessary to book the tour in advanced (if possible 48hours in advanced)


Comfortable clothing and shoes. Clothing accordingly to weather conditions.
Informal, non-professional and non-profit project, so this is not a conventional touristic tour

Porto de Encontros

Eco-social Tour – For further information and booking

Pedro Jorge Pereira – Porto de Encontros
(+351) 93 4476236

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Debate Público Hortas Urbanas no Centro Histórico, 14 de Junho de 2012

Um excelente debate e sobretudo forum de discussão e troca de ideias sobre um tema de importância primordial: a agricultura em contexto urbano